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Archery Club*:

Artwork for this badge:

Repeat order - artwork is on file

New artwork to be supplied


We can print your own archery club crest or logo design on badges.

Simply email us your artwork (use the link at the bottom of the page).

Badges are printed and assembled in the UK. 

Minimum order quantity for badges printed with your own artwork is 25.


Printed part of the badge is a replica enamel style poly-dome,

formed from a printed vinyl base covered by clear liquid polyurethane resin.

This creates a high quality and durable dome to protect your badge.

Badges are waterproof, scratch-proof, non-yellowing and non-fading.

Price is dependant on the quantity of badges you order. 


25+ badges   £1.30 each ex vat & delivery

50+ badges   £1.20 each ex vat & delivery

100+ badges £1.00 each ex vat & delivery

200+ badges £0.95 each ex vat & delivery

500+ badges £0.90 each ex vat & delivery


Badge back colour - Silver


Finish - Premium quality


Minimum order quantity - 25


Fitting on reverse - Butterfly clutch pin


Overall size 18mm dia x 4mm, 8mm pin. Approx. same diameter as a 5 pence coin £.

16mm printed dome.



New badge orders - You will need to supply us with an artwork when ordering.
Please read our artwork guidelines for more information on acceptable formats, quality, etc.

Use the link at the bottom of this page to email your artwork 

Repeat badge orders - No need to re-send your artwork, we keep all previously 

supplied jobs on file for your convenience.


Design/Editing Facilities.

If you do not have suitable artwork, or are not sure, please contact us by

email to discuss your requirements.

Our design studio can prepare ready to use artwork for you from basic

sources such as a letterhead or cloth badge, or even just a rough sketch.

We can also edit existing artwork to suit your needs, such as adding text

around a crest, or adding colours to a design. We charge a one-off fee of

between £6.50 to £20 (depending on complexity) for studio editing services.



Delivery - Please allow 7 days from ordering for delivery of your badges.


*for the job name use the main wording on your badge (or a description

if there is no wording). We will use this name for reference and for invoicing.

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