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All School Badge Ranges.

Superior quality lapel pin badges with a metal base and pin fitting.

Replica enamel style print and polyurethane domed front ensures the durability of our badges.
They are scratchproof, waterproof, non-fading and non-yellowing.

All Badges are printed and assembled in the UK.

You can choose from our stock ranges of titled badges, or order custom made badges. We can print badges with
your own text and colours, or send us an artwork and we will print badges with your School Crest or other design.

Use the 'Search' box above to find a particular title, or click a badge type below to select by category..
Shield Badges..
School Shield Badges
Bar Badges..
School Bar Badges
Plain Colour Badges..
Plain Colour House Badges
Star Badges..
School Star Badges
Eco Badges..
Eco Subjects Badges
Custom Text Badges..
Badges with your own text
Custom Design Badges..
Badges with your own design or crest
 Budget Badges..
School Council Budget Badges
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