Glass stem charms custom printed with your design, or your text message.

Polished round metal pendant with 18mm round domed printed insert. Slips onto a 25mm round
metal hoop with a rounded end for attaching around a glass stem. Silver colour finish.


The printed part of the wine glass charm is a replica enamel style domed badge that is waterproof,
scratchproof, non-yellowing and non-fading.

Email us your own artwork to print on your glass stem charms, or just have wording of your choice.
Printed and assembled in the UK, made to order wineglass charms are delivered in just a few days.

Price is dependant on the quantity of charms you order, you can order a one-off if you like, but there
are great discounts available for larger quantities.

Prices quoted do not include VAT.

To see full details and price bands, and to order online, click for printed design or printed message -
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